Current Dates and Projects
June 18th-25th 2017
"Shadows on Lights" at Melbourne International Animation Festival
June 23d 2017
"Until we coleidescape", nominated at Visual Music Award
June 17th 2017
"Until we coleidescape", Festival d´Annecy (Closing Ceremony)
June 5th-10th 2017
"Sh-Room 17" at Animafest Zagreb, Site specific Animation Competition
June 9th 2017
gold extra at Subotron Arcademy
June 3rd 2017
"Until we coleidescape" at ViennaShortsFestival
May 31st 2017
Talk at "Under Radar Symposium" Vienna
April 29th 2017
"Until we coleidescape" at Ars Electronica´s DeepSpace (Crossing Europe)
April 28th 2017
gold extra´s "The Fallen" is nominated at A Maze Berlin
April 27th 2017
"Until we coleidescape" Premiere at Crossing Europe Festival
April 9th-11th 2017
Teaching at Mome University Budapest

March 31st 2017
gold extra´s "From Darkness" is being presented at EGX Rezzed London

March 23rd 2017
"Future Rearview" by gold extra: Opening at Periscope Gallery Salzburg

March 19th 2017 "The Prism Project" @ TrickyWomen Festival
March 9th 2017 "From Darkness" Presentation Ars Electronica´s DeepSpace / Gamestage Linz
February 22nd 2017 Open Studio about Reinhold´s Budapest Residency at gold extra-Atelier
January 6th 2017 gold extra´s "From Darkness" is being presented at ZKM Karlsruhe
December 5th - 11th 2016
Ex Terrat @ Animateka (Intern. Animated Film Festival) Ljubljana (Slo)
November 17th
Ex Terrat @ One Day Animation Festival / Best Austrian Animation Festival
November 15th - 20th 2016
Ex Terrat @ Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin
October 24th 2017 gold extra Alpha-releases "From Darkness"
October 19th - 23rd 2016
"Shadows on Lights" @ Punto y Raya Festival - ZKM Karlsruhe

September 15th - 18th 2016
Ex Terrat @ Linoleum International Contemporary Animation and Media-Art Festival, Kiev

September 17th 2016 Ex Terrat @"All Night wrong" Exhibition Berlin
September 11th & 17th & Oct 1st 2016 Ex Terrat @ visionXsound Festival
September/October 2016
Art Residency in Budapest
September 8th 2016 Talk at Ars Electronica´s Expanded Animation Festival 2016
September 8th 2016 Ex Terrat @ Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2016
August 30th - Sept 3rd 2016 Ex Terrat at Budapest Short Film Festival, Hungary
August 1st -August 31st 2016 "Art Advertising Pillar" by Reinhold Bidner in Salzburg
July 21st - 24th 2016 Sole City at Radius Festival Vienna
July 20th 2016 gold extra´s Interactive Doc "From Darkness" at Nam June Paik Art Centre Korea
June 16th 2016
Sole City at Subotron´s Austrian Games Night 2016
May 26th 2016
Serious Game (gold extra) "Sole City" Inauguration @ Ethnographic Museum Zürich
May 8th 2016
Ex Terrat @ Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen
May 3rd 2016
Serious Game (gold extra) "Sole City" - Talk @ Vienna GameDevMeetup
April 21st 2016
Ex Terrat @ Crossing Europe Film Festival
April 16th 2016
"The Prism Project" @ Under the Radar Symposium Vienna
April 6th 2016
gold extra Open Studio
March 15th 2016
"From Darkness" @ Diagonale Webnotizen

March 5th 2016 Visuals at Frühlingserwachen (Argekultur Salzburg)
January 21st 2016 gold extra Presentation at Sonophilia

Jan 12th 2016 From Darkness Presentation @ ViennaGameDevMeetup
Jan 11th 2016 From Darkness Presentation @ Öst. Gesellschaft für Exilforschung/ Univ. Wien
Nov 21st-23rd 2015 Object Theatre with gruppeKrokodil at Toihaus Salzburg (AT)
Nov 18th-21st 2015 Addicted @ 30 years Asifa Austria, Animated Dreams Festival in Tallin/Estland
Nov 12th-14th 2015 Premiere Frankenstein, ARGEKulltur Salzburg
November 10th- Dec 10th 2015 Exhibition Participation with "In Transit" @ "mitgebracht" Rust-en-Vrede Gallery: Kapstadt, SouthAfrica

November 7th 2015 "If we had only tried" @ Galerie Blaugelbe Zwettl (AT)
October 28th 2015 "Addicted" @ 30 years Asifa Austria, Cinemathéque - Ljubljana (Slo)
October 19th 2015 Exhibition Participiation with From Darkness: Viennese Video Game Aesthetics - Galerie Hollerei Vienna
October 15th 2015 From Darkness Exhibition @ Mozarteum Salzburg
October 9th - 11th 2015 From Darkness @ Gamestage Expo Linz
October 4th 2015 "Impulse" at StopTrik Festival Maribor
October 1st-3rd 2015 Object Theatre with gruppeKrokodil at Tabakfabrik Linz (AT)

July 3rd 2015
Residency at Cité Internationale des Arts Paris. New Animation ("Ex Terrat") in Progress.

"If we had only tried" wins @ @ Golden Kuker International Animation Film Festival Sofia - Best Animated Music Video

Recent Dates and Projects
September 10th-13th 2015 "If we had only tried" @ Animanima Cajak (Serbia)
September 2015 Schmiede Hallein
September 2015 Final stage/Finishing: From Darkness - connected to gold extra
August 2015 Rehearsals for: "Frankenstein"- connected to gold extra
July 2015 Residency at Cité Internationale des Arts Paris. New Animation ("Ex Terrat") in Progress.
June 9th til 12th 2015 Talk at Scanner II Symposium, + "Addicted" @ Animafest Zagreb
June 4th 2015
gold extra: local crisis machine @ Offenes Haus Oberwart: Kunst vs Design Exhibition
May 30th 2015 "Mt. Plywood Pt I" @ Backup Festival Weimar (Ger)
May 16th 2015
"If we had" @ Animation Festival Bialystok (PL)
May 7th 2015
"If we had" @ Golden Kuker International Animation Film Festival Sofia
April 25th 2014
Mt. Plywood @ Crossing Europe Festival
April 15th 2014 Presentation @ Soundframe Festival: Departure Creators Lab
Jan 23rd 2015
From Darkness Presentation, Mozarteum University Salzburg - Science & Art
Jan 13th 2015
Visualisation for DA!, Treibhaus Innsbruck
Dec 31st 2014
gold extra "Sweet Sixteen"-Festivities
Dec 3rd 2014 From Darkness Presentation, ARGEkultur
Nov 2nd 2014 - Release: New MusicVideo "Mt. Plywood I (The Years)" for M185
Oct 29th – Nov 3rd 2014 "Impulse" @ Invideo Milan (IT)
October 21st 2014 gold extra From Darkness Presentation - Universität Mozarteum Salzburg - Wissenschaft und Kunst
Oct 3rd - 5th 2014 "If we had" @ StopTrik International Film Festival Maribor (Slovenia)
Sept 26th 2014 "If we had" @ TURNING ME ON. Highlights of Austrian Musicvideo / 25 Jahre Volxkino
Sept 21st 2014 Opening @ Ethnological Museum Berlin: "Totems Sound"

Sept11th - 21st 2014 Schmiede Hallein
Sept 7th - 12th 2014 Working on "Frankenstein" @ ARGEKultur Salzburg
Sept 2nd - 6th 2014 Berlin (Ethnological Museum): Working on "Totems Sound"
August 6th-10th 2014 "If we had" @ Anima Mundi Sao Paulo
July 25th - August 3rd 2014 "If we had" @ Anima Mundi Rio de Janeiro
June 22nd - July 5th 2014 Croatia Residency, connected to Frankenstein

June 18th 2014 "If we had" @ Festanca - Žilina (slovakia)
June 17th 2014 "InTransit" @ "Mitgebracht" Exhibition - Cité des Arts Paris
May 30th 2014 "InTransit" @ "Mitgebracht" Exhibition Tirana
May 26th 2014 - Impulse @ ViennaIndependentShorts
May21st - 25th 2014 Impulse @ Backup Festival Weimar
April 20th 2014 "Impulse" @ Crossing Europe Festival
April 15h 2014 "Impulse" @ Filmfest Dresden (DE)
April 11th 2014 - Release: New MusicVideo "Soon" for M185
March 28th 2014 - "If we had" @ Flatpack Festival - Birmingham (UK)
March 26th 2014 Visuals @ print3DFuture Conference
March 26th 2014 "In Transit" @ Erarta Festival - St Petersburg (RU)
March 23rd 2014 "If we had" @ 15XAustria Festival, Rio de Janeiro (BR)
March 22nd 2014 "Impulse" @ Diagonale Festival Graz
March 11th 2014 Frankenstein-Presentation @ ARGEKultur
March 8th 2014 "If we had" @ ANIMA - Brussels (BE)
Jan 29th 2014 FromDarkness Presentation @ FS1
Jan 13th 2014 Die Apotheose Exhibition - Galerie 5020

September 29th 2013
Impulse featured on Create Digital Motion and Stash and 2Pause

Upcoming Dates:

Oct 4th - 13th 2013 Animest Bukarest
Oct 5th - 13th 2013 Animatou Geneva
Oct 10th - 20th 2013 Festival international Signes de Nuit Paris
Oct 18th -20th 2013 Danube Video Art Festival
Oct 31st 2013 "Spiegel im Spiegel" @ gold extra open studio
Nov 7th - 12th 2013 Asiana Short Film Festival Seoul
Nov 8th - 17th 2013 Filmets Badalona Film Festival Barcelona
Nov 13th 2013 - AwardGala ContentAward Vienna 2013
Nov 12th - 17th 2013 Dokfest Kassel
Nov 14th - 16th 2013 Clair Obscure Festival Basel
Nov 28th/29th 2013 Object Theatre Piece: Das Ende vom Wurschtzimmer ist das Ende meiner Kindheit

May 30th 2013
Reinhold Bidner and Georg Hobmeier win the JuryPrize of the "Night of the Light"-Competition of Vienna Independent Shorts Festival 2013 with "Impulse"

Recent Dates:
Oct 3rd 2013 Festival of audiovisual Art Lviv, Ukraine
Sept 3rd 2013 9pm GoTV hosted by 1n0ut
Sept 5th - 9th 2013 Ars Electronica Festival 2013 (Animation Program)
Sept 19th - 29th 2013 Schmiede Hallein

August 17th 2013 Sarajevo Academy / Erhard Busek Award

July 5th 2013 EspressoFilm Festival Vienna
July 6th - July 10th 2013 Tricky Women AnimationSummer
July 7th 2013 "Mitgebracht" Exhibition Tainan (Taiwan)
July 19th - July 21st 2013: Object and Shadow Theatre Piece, connected to "Gruppe Krokodil": "Das Ende vom Wurschtzimmer ist das Ende meiner Kindheit" @ moe Wien
July 23rd - July 28th 2013: SICAF - Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival

May 2nd - May 20th 2013 Local Crisis Machine, @ Bildungshaus St. Virgil, Salzburg
May 2nd - 7th 2013 International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Ger)
May 15th - May 18th 2013
International Short Film Festival Ravenna (IT)
May 21st 2013 "Local Crisis Machine", connected to gold extra, @ "Aktionsradius Vienna"
May 22nd - May 26th 2013 Backup Festival Weimar (Ger)
May 23rd 2013 gold extra open studio Salzburg
May 28th - June 2nd 2013 Vienna Independent Shorts
May 31st -June 9th 2013 International Short Film Festival Detmold (Ger)

April 11th - 21st 2013 Bradford International Film Festival UK
April 12th - 21st 2013 Soundframe Festival Vienna
April 17th 2013 "From Darkness" Researchpresentation - connected to AMREF Austria
April 18th 2013 - gold extra open studio
April 22nd - May 5th 2013 Now and After Festival Moscow Museum of Modern Art (RU)
April 23rd - 28th 2013 20th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film
April 23rd - 28th 2013 Crossing Europe Film festival
April 24th - 28th 2013 EMAF Osnabrück

Dec 1st 2012
1n0ut wins at ContentAward Vienna in the Visuals Category with "Laban´s Nightmare"

Reinhold Bidner was amongst last 3 Nominations at ContentAward Vienna in the Shorts Category with "If we had only tried"

Sept 27th 2012
gold extra wins Salzburg Media Art Award 2012

Sept 5th 2012
gold extra wins Outstanding Artist Award (by Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture)

Acquisition of "In Transit" by the County of Salzburg

Recent Dates:
March 12th - March 17th 2013 Diagonale, Festival of Austrian Film
March15th 2013 ORF III - Long Night of Short Films
March 2013 Animac Lleida (ES) Animation Festival
Feb 28th 2013 gold extra Open Studio Talk, 7.30 pm
December 19th 2012 "99 ways to die in Scotland" (by Bidner/Hobmeier/gold extra): Reading, Exhibition, Party, @ PlanB Salzburg
December 11th 2012 Research Presentation "From Darkness", Serious Game by gold extra, @ ARGEkultur Salzburg
Nov 23rd 2012 Herbstklang Festival, Gschwandner Vienna
Nov 22nd 2012 Content Award 2012 - Nomination, Marx Palast Vienna
Nov 21st 2012 Asifa Austria Award –Nomination Best Austrian Animation, FilmCasino Vienna
Oct 22nd - 28th 2012 10th International Animated Filmfestival Vilnius (Li)
Oct 19th 2012 Republic Salzburg
Oct 13th 2012 Beatshot at Jazzit Salzburg
Oct 3rd - 6th 2012 4th International Festival of Animated Films, Georgia, "Addicted" nominated "Best Experimental"
Sept 20th 2012 Opening, Exhibition: Art Acquisitions 2012 of the Region of Salzburg
Sept 14th 2012 Finnissage "Mitgebracht", Traklhaus Salzburg

Sept 13th - 23rd 2012 Schmiede Salzburg
August 16th-26th 2012: MapXXL Art for EU, 1n0ut at ParkinProgress, Pannonhalma, Hungary
August 2nd 2012: Picture in Picture, Traklhaus Salzburg, "Mitgebracht II"-Exhibition

July 26th 2012: With "Madame Humtata" @ Movida Festival
June/July 2012: "In Transit" and "Still Time?" (by 1n0ut), Traklhaus Salzburg, "Mitgebracht"-Exhibition
June 8th 2012: Ballet Alcoholique @ Vienna Independent Shorts (Gartenbaukino Vienna)
May 2012: Addicted @ Sixpackfilm-Program "You´re the devil in disguise", Top Kino Vienna
April 2012: Addicted @ Angelholm International Video Art Festival (Sweden)
March 20th - 25th 2012: Diagonale Graz
March 16th 2012: Versus @ University of applied Sciences Salzburg (1n0ut)
Feb 28th 2012: Barcelona (ESP) @ Antic Teatre
Feb 25th 2012: Alcoy (ESP) @ Alcoy Theater
Feb 24th 2012: Alicante (ESP) @ University
Jan 28th 2012:
Beatshot @ Jazzit Salzburg
Dec 17th 2011: Drap Art Festival Barcelona (ES)
Dec 15th 2011: Tubeklub Salzburg, Elektronikland Awardee Show, ARGEkultur (1n0ut)
Dec 8th 2011: Parallax Festival Prague (CZ)
November 10th 2011: 1dentity @ Max Reinhardt Seminar (1n0ut)
October / November 2011: Exhibition @ Salzburger Kunstverein
October 14th 2011: Visuals @ FlucWanne Vienna, connected to Kleinrecords
October 22nd 2011: Daisy @ Rencontres audiovisuelles, Lille (FR)

Sept 1st 2011: @ Ars Electronica Festival with Madame Humtata
July 27th/28th 2011: Versus @ BELEF Summer Festival, Belgrad, Serbia
May 20th 2011: Labyrinth @ "Oesterreich tanzt"-Festival / Festspielhaus St Pölten
April 13th 2011: FLIPT! Austrian Flipbook Festival Retrospective @ Salzamt Linz
March 17th 2011: Versus @ ARGEKultur Salzburg
March 17th 2011: Visuals for Tubeklub @ ARGEKultur Salzburg
February 17th 2011: Musicvideo for M185 (Space Bum Rocket), Presentation @ Futuregarden Vienna

January 8th, 9th, 11th 2011: Goldextra Theatre: Same Time Same Station, @ ARGEKultur Salzburg
December 18th 2010: Visuals for Madame Humtata, Kunsthalle Project Space, Vienna
December 16th 2010: Visualisations for Conwert, Vienna
November 25th 2010: Klangdimensionen @ Reed Messe Vienna
Nov 12th 2010: Tracks and Visuals, Innsbruck
Nov 4th - Nov 7th 2010: Impressions d'Europe (Nantes, FR), "CPU" & InTransit
October 9th - 16th 2010 Rencontres audiovisuelles, Lille (FR)
Sept 30th 2010 Fresh Fields Event, MAK (Museum für angewandte Kunst), Vienna
Sept 23rd - 26th 2010: Dallas VideoFest
September 11th 2010 In Transit, Picture in Picture & Subtext @ Tag der offenen Tür & Lange Nacht der Museen, Künstlerhaus Salzburg
September 2nd - 11th 2010: Ars Electronica Festival (Jury Membership & Picture in Picture @ Ars Electronica Animation Festival)
August 27th-28th 2010: 1n0ut @ IBUG-Festival Leipzig

July 11th 2011
Some new 1n0ut Videos can be found on the 1n0ut-Vimeo-Site

  Recent Dates:
  July 1st 2010: FLIPT! - 3rd Austrian FlipBook Festival
  May 3rd - June 25th 2010 1n0ut´s CPU nominated for File Prix Lux 2010
  June 23rd 2010: Klangdimensionen @ Movida Festival
  June 2nd 2010: LinzTriennale
  May 29th/31st 2010: Vienna Independent Shorts Festival, InTransit
  May 8th 2010: Beatshot @ Jazzit Salzburg
  May 8th 2010: "Visuals made in Austria. Projekteure, Indivisualisten, Spielfilmer" by Olivia Macho, A, 2009, at Filmmuseum Wien
  April 20th - 25th 2010: Picture in Picture @ Crossing Europe Festival
  April 19th 2010: Klangdimensionen @ Konzerthaus, Wien
  March 16th-21st 2010: InTransit @ Diagonale, Graz
  March 13th 2010: InTransit @ Oslo Screen Festival
  February 2nd 2010: Daisy at Kinosiska, Ljubljana
  Dec 10th Visuals for Tube Klub, Elektronikland Awardees Presentation, ARGEkultur, 1n0ut
  Dec 4th/5th 09 Video Production for Theatre Piece "Same Time, Same Station" (Gold Extra)
  Nov 25th 09 Portraits for Award Show of the art laureates of the Region of Salzburg, Residenz Salzburg
  Nov 8th 09 1n0ut´s „Versus“Pre-Presentation (Podium 09 Awardee) at Tanzhouse Studio Salzburg
  Nov 09 Art Residency in Paliano (IT, near Rome)
  Oct 30th 09 1n0ut´s „1dentity“ at Visionsonic Festival, Paris
  Oct 14th/15th 09 Blackbox at Doppelgänger-Festival of the European Cultural Capital Linz 09
  Oct 9th/10th 09 1n0ut´s CPU at Doppelgänger-Festival of the European Cultural Capital Linz 09
  Oct 09In Transit“ at animest Festival 2009, Bukarest
  Oct 09In Transit“ at Balkanima Festival 2009, Belgrad
  April 23rd 2010
  New Photobook can be found here