and joyce...sound by john cage...visualisation by reinhold bidner---

this visualisation was produced for the "listening between the lines" concert evening of ars electronica festival05, at brucknerhaus linz, austria. muoyce (a mixture of music and james joyce) is john cages´s acustic interpretation of james joyce´s "finnegan´s wake". the video-part is again my interpretation of what I heard and felt. I heard a lot of nonsense but I felt this makes sense....BROWN....BROWN...BROWN....UNDER THE WOODEN BRIDGE...AND THE NIGHT IS FALLING...I imagined a person falling but at the same time erecting in a static, dark image. falling and erecting in a 2min process, the world behind goes on and doesn´t care. the slow 2min falling process was made through morphs (a person falling usually takes 1 1/2 seconds...). at ars electronica festival the piece was projected on 4 screens. thanks to dietrich for falling and erecting.